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Life is Crazy Enough! Time to Chill Out! - Relax - Breath the Air and Enjoy!

Our live's are all about "fast"!  Fast food, fast lanes, drive thru's, home delivery, boxed food delivery, microwave ovens - enough!  What has this gotten us?  High blood pressure, diabetes on the rise, more stress and higher obesity rates.......

Slow down, breath the air, experience all life has to offer!  Grab some real food, light a match, start a fire. Smell the smoke!  Sit back, relax while those coals fire, wood burns, grills and smokers come up to temperature.  Grab a beverage, invite some friends and family over and enjoy a good meal prepared outdoors!

Our products focus on Outdoor Entertainment! Everyone could use some time to relax and chill out!

We started our journey by introducing the world to The Original PhatMat and PhatMat Grill Mat. Our focus was to provide cooking and grilling products that support a more healthy life-style. With the expansion of our products we felt it was time to expand the Brand thus Grillin Chill Gear was born!

 We hope you enjoy using your our products as much as we do!  We spend a lot of time researching and testing new products before we bring them to you our most trusted customers! Great products must be combined with great customer services which is why your 100% satisfaction is always a top priority for us. If at any time you are not 100% happy with our products, contact us and we will work to make it right!  Guaranteed!

Grillin Chill Gear Products

About Products

We believe in bringing to market the safest, highest quality, most useful outdoor entertainment products we can.  We personally use all our products as do our families and friends.

All our products are researched, designed and tested in Woodstock, Georgia USA. We partner with select manufacturers from all over the world to bring you the highest quality at reasonable pricing. Our products are available in several local retail stores and on, and in both the U.S. and selected other countries.

You can find us on Facebook and on Twitter @gcgusa.  The PhatMat, Grillin Chill Gear and Caveman Products are all registered trademarks of GCG USA Inc.